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Apna Naseeb Lena Na Bhoolna Book by Spiritual Psychology



Apna Naseeb Lena Na Bhoolna’ is a self-help book in the Urdu language written by
S A Chishti. S A Chishti is a renowned Psychologist, Spiritualist, Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Trainer. It addresses the daily life psychological challenges faced by a common person and presents easy self-help solutions in the form of belief alteration, psychological techniques, and mind sciences exercises. Spiritualist S A Chishti believes that, like computers, the human mind also gets overloaded and affects one’s daily life performance and quality of life. The book claims to perform psychological formatting of human minds through its content and proposed solutions.  The book addresses a variety of problems and challenges of a common man; it also explains religious beliefs from a scientific and psychological perspective. Psychologist S A Chishti opines that we cannot change the circumstances of the outer world and people’s behavior but we can change the way we respond to them. In order to easily achieve this, the book recommends exercising techniques like up-gradation of belief system, accepting realistic face of the outer world, shifting one’s predispositions, and presenting unconditional positive regard and empathy. To facilitate the execution of this psychological shift, the book also presents effective mind exercises for strengthening one’s self from spiritual and psychological perspectives.

Part-I named “Belief System” educates the readers regarding concepts about religion and life. Hypnotherapist S A Chishti logically highlights the irrationality of our religious beliefs and explains the essence of religious theories from a psychological and scientific perspectives.  The book addresses the common misbeliefs and irrational concepts developed by most of us over time. The author opines that many problems of our life have their roots in irrational beliefs about life and religion. Subconscious mind trainer S A Chishti gives a new perspective of religious beliefs that were unexplored up till now. He very rightly corrects the misconceptions about religion and explains the dynamics of religion from the mind sciences’ perspective and spirituality. Being a professional spiritualist, S A Chishti teaches spiritual techniques to a common man.

Part-II educates its readers about psychological aspects of human nature. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior; it explains that human behavior is based on the conditioning of one’s subconscious mind and predispositions. The experiences of past, traumas, phobias, insecurities, and wishes define one’s predispositions. Every human sees the world from his / her own viewpoint and overlooks others’ perspectives, which is the main cause of misunderstanding and disrupting of human relations. S A Chishti highlights certain common psychological phenomena that govern the daily life of a common man.  He explains the reasons for psychological and spiritual unrest and then suggests easy measures to resolve the inner conflicts. He also explains the psychology of happiness and prosperity that is helpful in understanding the essence of quality life and understanding common mistakes that render major psychological outcomes in one’s life. The book is itself one of the best psychologists around. One can read the book and apply it in life instead of going to any psychologist.

The last part of the book covers philosophies and techniques of hypnotism, mind sciences, and spirituality / Sufism. It covers topics like hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, aura programming, NLP, and spiritual energy activation. By activating spiritual energy (chakra activation) one can boost confidence, self-esteem, improve personality and become influential. Using self-hypnosis one can change habits, improve memory and working of subconscious mind and concentration. The other option is to get hypnotherapy from a professional hypnotherapist. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches in simple language how one can influence others; minds and hypnotize them. S A Chishti also discusses spiritual things like wazaif, jadu, and jinaat; and suggests treatment of these magic spells in the form of Ruhani ilaj or Rohani ilaj. The type of Spiritual treatment he mentions in the book is easy and anybody can treat his / her own jadu / jinaat issue with simple wazaif and meditation exercises known as Maraqba in Rohaniat / Tasawuf. He has beautifully explained the psychology behind spiritual blockages like amliaat, taweez, and safli ilm. The book is a psychologist, Spiritualist / Rohani Mualij (Spiritual Healer), a hypnotherapist, and a spiritualist.

The book is recommended for every induvial. One can easily learn hypnosis / hypnotherapy / self-hypnosis, meditation / maraqba, NLP, spirituality / Ruhani ilaj and psychology. S A Chishti is the best psychologist, best spiritualist, best hypnotherapist, a Sufi, and best mind sciences / NLP practitioner; all in one.

If you are looking for the best psychologist, S A Chishti is a good choice for the best psychologist in Pakistan. He is the best spiritualist as well, and a professional subconscious mind trainer. S A Chishti is an expert in training individuals on how to use their own mind power to revolutionize one’s life. Out of the known best Psychologists, S A Chishti is the best choice. Those looking for the best Spiritualist, again S A Chishti is the best; he explains and applies spirituality from a scientific perspective. Educated or scientific people, who are reluctant to go to religious spiritualists, must talk to S A Chishti as a great spiritualist. Spiritual Healing is a great power S A Chishti has, he also trains people on Spiritual Healing. S A Chishti is a guaranteed Spiritual healer what we call best Ruhnaji ilaj by S A Chishti. There are a lot of people who teach and claim to be certified hypnotherapists, but practically, they cant resolve issues through hypnotherapy. S A Chishti has a huge experience of giving group hypnotherapy to hundreds of people at a time, and all of them feel a great relief in their symptoms. S A Chishti is a proven practical Hypnotherapist.

The online spiritual training offered by S A Chishti is awesome. Easily comprehendible meditation training, Spiritual healing training, subconscious mind training, and much more. S A Chishti is a great Spiritual trainer and subconscious mind trainer. Spirituality is at its best; S A Chishti is a psychologist, Spiritualist, Spiritual Healer, Subconscious mind trainer, and life coach.

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