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We provide useful information on Spirituality & Psychology alongside providing Consultation for Psychological Issues and Psychological Trainings, Free Guidance, Spiritual Solutions, Self-help Exercises & Energy Healing.

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S A Chishti is a Spiritualist, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer & Trainer. He has been providing unique blended services of Spirituality, Psychology and Mind Sciences for last 15 years.

Interview of S A Chishti

(Spiritualist, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, and Healer)
Interview Conducted by Psychologist Misbah Ejaz

Q. Sir what is Spiritual Psychology?
Ans. There has always been a debate between psychologists and spiritualists that whether a patient has psychological issues or spiritual issues like jadu and jinaat. Psychologists condemn spiritualists while spiritualists negate psychologists. So Spiritual Psychology specializes in both fields ie Spirituality and Psychology. By the grace of Allah Almighty, I am a Psychologist as well as a Spiritualist. I can differentiate between spiritual problems and psychological problems and treat them accordingly. In Spiritual Psychology, I have combined spirituality, psychology, and mind sciences. It is an integrated service of all three.

Q. Sir who is S A Chishti? Your qualification?

Ans. By profession, I am an HR specialist working for an international organization. Apart from that, I am a spiritualist, have Khilafat in Sufi order chishtia, a clinical psychologist and an explorer, practitioner, and trainer of min sciences.

Q. How did you conceive the idea of SP?
Ans. Basically, I am a spiritualist, I am practicing spirituality for the last 15 years. There are a lot of commonalities between spirituality and psychology. This provided me a thought to study and practice psychology as well. Then I study mind sciences, parapsychology, and the science and miracles of the subconscious mind. I observed that Mind sciences can help a lot in learning spirituality especially achieving Taqwa, as control, spiritual programming, and many more. For example, in spirituality, there is a known and recognized mode of training through dreams. I had been exercising that. When I learned the powers of the subconscious mind, I came to know that it can be easily done through the subconscious mind. Achieving powers like Kashf and Ilham etc are easily achievable through the subconscious mind.

Q. How do you deal with spiritual problems faced by scientific people who do not believe in stuff like jadu and jinaat?
Ans. Every Muslim believes in Jadu and Jinaat no matter how educated he or she is. It is just that since jadu and jinaat cannot be seen or measured through scientific means. So science believers tend to follow the thing which is scientifically proven. I scientifically explain spirituality, in terms of mind sciences and spirituality. And treat them scientifically and psychologically. The purpose is to treat a
person’s problem; not to make him believe in spiritual problems. So that’s the way how I treat scientific people.

Q. How a common man can know whether his / her problem is psychological or spiritual?
Ans. One cannot know by himself/herself either about a psychological problem or spiritual. It has to be evaluated and confirmed by psychologists and spiritualists. So anyone having a problem should go to one of the best psychologists first and get himself/herself treated. If there isn’t any recovery from psychological sessions, then go to the best hypnotherapist in the city and if still no recovery then go to the well-reputed best spiritualist around.

Q. How does magic affect a person?
Ans. Magic affects a person in three dimensions. The first is Biological ie magic can become a cause of medical diseases. 2
nd is a psychological aspect; it affects the psychology and thoughts of a person ie it occupies or disturbs the senses of a person especially the sense of feeling. This is the aspect that matches with the symptoms of psychological disorders. And the 3rd dimension is the Spiritual dimension.
Magic blocks the aura of a person; a human aura has seven layers; it can block one or more or all of the layers. When the aura is blocked, a person feels compressed and blocked, he/she cannot express and cannot perform to his / her capabilities level. Magic actually suppresses one’s capabilities.

Q. Define spirituality for the understanding of a common problem.
Ans. Anything that is beyond physical is Spiritual. There is a huge world outside the range of the human eye. Through meditation, one can enter the world and explore the vast universe of Almighty and also influence the world by spiritual programming. Spiritual people work like intelligent people, silently create the environment as per requirements.

Q. Is being religious mandatory for spirituality?
Ans. There are two types of spirituality; religious spirituality and non-religious spirituality. Everyone can learn non-religious spirituality. But non-religious spirituality is quite limited as compared to religious spirituality.

Q. What is the purpose and aims of spirituality?
Ans. Spirituality has only 02 purposes: Understanding of Allah almighty known as market and 2
nd is helping mankind.

Q. What is the process of learning Spirituality?
Ans. 04 Ways spirituality is taught/learned. Wazaaif, Mujahid, Meditation, Sohabat e Murshid Tasawar e Sheikh, etc. Ilm e Huzoori and Husooli are the two main modes of training.

Q. What is meditation?
Ans. Meditation is what science calls OBE and Astral Projection.

Q. Can you explain the process of Spiritual healing from a scientific perspective?
Ans. Humans are made up of bodies and souls. The body is like hardware and the soul is software. Every disease takes birth in software and then it develops in the body, the hardware. A spiritual healer can see the software of the body and can identify the virus or disease in it. He then throws his own spiritual energy onto this diseased software which heals it and eliminates the virus. When software becomes virus-free, the disease in the hardware ie the body also gets healed.

Q. Is spiritual healing the same as Reiki and SAMDA Healing?
Ans. No, it’s much more than Reiki and SAMDA healing. Reiki is a Japanese healing method while SAMDA healing is introduced by Prof A Samad. Spiritual healing is energy healing powered by spiritual and religious powers. It is 100 times faster and stronger than Reiki.

Q. Sir, what topics fall under mind sciences?
Ans. Mind sciences include elements like Hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, aura programming, memory control, and the secrets of the subconscious mind.

Q. What benefits does Spiritual Psychology has over simple psychology?
Ans. First of all spiritual psychology also treats spiritual issues that traditional psychology cannot. The percentage and speed/rate of recovery in spiritual psychology is much higher than in traditional psychology. Especially in the case of OCD and schizophrenia, traditional psychology has limited success, whereas, spiritual psychology has greater and faster success. Spiritual psychology also integrates religious integrations in CBT which traditional psychology cannot. Lastly, spiritual psychology also empowers its clients, it teaches them self-help mind sciences’ exercises, through which patients can recover themselves without anybody’s help.

Q. What services do you offer from the platform of Spiritual Psychology?
Ans. We offer all types of psychological services like CBT, Psychotherapy, counseling, face-to-face and online sessions, and treatment of all psychological
disorders. We also heal biological diseases. Moreover, we offer all types of spiritual services like Neutralizing magic spells / jadu / jinaat bandish, etc scientifically.

Then we give self-help exercises of mind sciences to clients which they can practice throughout their life and heal themselves. Moreover, we provide unique training in spirituality, meditation, spiritual / energy healing, spiritual and psychological development, personality boosting, confidence building, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, NLP, and mastering the subconscious mind.

Q. What self-help exercises do you recommend to people?
Ans. I will mention few exercises. Self-hypnosis exercise is for changing bad habits, creating good habits, improving personality and emotions management. It can revolutionize ones’ personality and life. Then is the departmentalization exercise, it is the solution to overthinking. It improves brain performance and gives the real joy of life’s moments and events. Dissociation exercise is for getting rid of unwanted
emotions and feelings, forgetting bad past and unwanted people, and going towards your targets without being affected by anything. Subjective communication is for changing the bad behavior of your loved ones towards you. Finally, Soul Energy Activation is for confidence-boosting, being influential and dominating others, increasing your aura and spiritual energy, and for getting rid of all types of psychological disorders.

Q, You have emphasized a lot on utilizing self-hypnosis for personal development. What all can be done through self-hypnosis?
Ans. It can heal you, boost your memory and brain function, improve your performance and concentration, activate creativity in you, resolve all types of psychological disorders, it can change habits and behavior, it can change your likes into dislikes and dislikes into likes, it can search anything or any knowledge for you, it can activate extrasensory perception in you, it can give you kashf and Ilham, you can attract money, opportunities and even ideal life partner through its power, you can read others’ thoughts and hearts and you can become a superhuman.

Q. Do you recommend wazaif also to needy people?
Ans. Yes, I do.

Q. How does wazaif work?
Ans. Success frequency. Positive thoughts and alpha state of mind.

Q. What about scientific people?
Ans. Scientific Wazaaif.

Q. What are your publications?
Ans. Apna Naseeb Lena Na Bhoolna is my first self-help book in the Urdu language, its 2
nd edition is in process of publishing. I have started two more books, one of them is about Spirituality and meditation. The other is about the comparison between
Islamic Psychology and Western Psychology.

Q. Please tell us about the special projects you have launched from the platform of
Spiritual Psychology?
Ans. Yes, we have started few grand projects for our people and nation. Drood Shareef collection, its real e saw, and dua is our oldest project. We have a weekly collection of about 1800 Billion from all around the world. Then is the Power of Intention Club. It’s a club of volunteers, we project our collective power of intention for serious covid patients, and they drastically recover from the emergency condition and become stable within 24 hours. We have treated several serious covid patients through this project. Then we have recently launched a grand project with the name of Serve The Nation. In this scheme, I will teach mind sciences, meditation, and spiritual techniques to my volunteers and then we all will spiritually serve our nation; we will influence minds, eliminate terrorism and sexual abuses, corruption, and many more negative traits from people and nation.

Q. Sir, in the end, if you would like to give a message to your listeners?
Ans. I would like to tell every person that you have unlimited powers within you, please spend some time, explore your inner self and make your life and fate as you want to. You can take guidance from us and training also.


about us

We provide useful information on Spirituality & Psychology alongside providing Consultation for Psychological Issues and Psychological Trainings.

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